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Lunch Menu

  • $6.75L1 Grilled chicken & spring roll
  • $6.75L2 Grilled pork & spring roll
  • $6.75L3 Grilled beef & spring roll
  • $7.25L4 Grilled shrimp & spring roll
  • Small $7.75
    Large $7.75
    L5 Vegetarian Pho

    Served with tofu, bean sprouts, basil leaves,lime wedges and jalapeno peppers.

  • $8.50L6 Seafood Pho

    Served with bean sprouts, basil leaves,lime wedges & jalapeno peppers.

  • $7.50L7 Tofu vermicelli platter

    Served with soft rice vermicelli noodles, fresh bean sprouts, lettuce, cucumbers and mint on an individual plate. Accompanied by our special sauce.

  • L8 Lo Mein

    Vegetarian $7.25
    Beef or Chicken $7.25
    Shrimp $7.95
    Combo $8.50